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How well do you juggle?

How well do you juggle?

I believe the secret to a happy life is how well you can juggle!



We are intricate creations.  In an attempt to simplify it, I have identified 3 categories that are vitally important to keep in balance:  Body, Mind & Spirit.


Our bodies are complex systems that I find difficult to even begin to really understand.


Our bodies are true miracles that can serve us well throughout our life experience, and give us the opportunity to learn important lessons of respect, commitment, humility, gratitude, self-control, faith, and trust.


Our minds have a unique complexity of their own that I have studied in college & continue to study, have been to some therapy, and have sought out alternative healing, all in an attempt to make some sense of how & why my mind thinks and processes as it does.  In addition, there is my constant effort to apply what I've learned in attempt to change certain ways of thinking, let go of negative thoughts/emotions and negative reactions to my life experiences.


Our Spirit or Soul is definitely an important component to who we are.  This connection is what gives us faith and hope in the ability to change, to let go of pain, see the light at the end of the tunnel, and carry on with determination in hopes of a happier, more peaceful state of being in this life.


Funny thing though...when one of the three is neglected, broken, ignored, abused, or not valued in any way,  an incredible IMBALANCE occurs.  All 3 parts depend on each other to be in balance and work in harmony.


For example:  Did you know that when we eat sugary processed foods that it throws our delicate chemical hormones off-balance which affects our emotions?  When our bodies are dealing with the ups and downs of insulin spikes due to what we are eating, the hormones that keep our emotions balanced are experiencing the same radical ups and downs!  (Have you noticed this in yourself as you feel your patience with others go right out the window and you snap at your kids, spouse, co-workers, friends?)


When we do not get enough exercise, our endorphins do not have a chance to elevate which creates happy feelings & relieves stress.  We are then prone to feelings of depression and anxiety, and thoughts that we have no purpose on this earth, and how could God love me, let alone even know of my existence.


What about that "glass half empty" mindset??  When our attitudes about life in general, ourselves and others are negative and pessimistic, what are we creating?  I can guarantee it is NOT a healthy, energetic body, a successful career, happy and healthy relationships  joyful life experiences or faith in a God or higher power that is the ultimate source of physical, mental & spiritual strength.


Whew!!  That is overwhelming!


Keeping balance between body, mind & spirit does NOT have to be complicated.  Just ask my clients!  Just like your car needs a "tune-up" occasionally, so do we!!  In a one hour session with me, you will start to feel negative emotions that have kept you stuck, actually start to lift.


Hope and happiness will begin to replace the negative thoughts, attitudes and pain you have been carrying around.  You will notice changes in yourself, but also in the people around you.  People will either treat you better, or they will fade out of your life gracefully.  Opportunities will be begin to open up.  Your mind will be more clear and open.  You will have more physical & mental energy!  You will feel more connected to God or your Higher Power.


Even if the people who normally "trigger" you do not change, your reaction to them WILL - this is an amazing gift that I have experienced as well as my clients.  It is incredibly freeing to finally "let go" of fears and resentments that keep us stuck to our pain.


If you want to feel free to move forward, and finally be able to have fun juggling life, make the choice to invest in yourself.  I will take you through a simple, painless process - right over the phone (can it get any easier than that??)


You have the choice to stay where you are at, or move forward - easily & gracefully!




Jen Poulson
Helping People Excel in Business & Relationships