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Client Success Stories

Becca H.

Before working with Jen I struggled believing in myself, my dreams, theater auditions, money blocks, and feeling unsure about an important relationship. I often felt frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, and depressed and I wanted to feel better.

Jen helps identify emotional roots to my fears and limiting beliefs. Her method of releasing the roots is such a relief and extremely helpful, especially as I don't feel it's something I could take care of myself. It's also helpful to then receive concrete tools for my everyday life, such as affirmations or mantras, mindset tips to do in the moment to stay present, and reduce anxiety.

Since working with Jen consistently, I feel lighter, more hopeful, and more present. I feel more confident in auditions and can more easily switch my self talk when it comes to conversations in relationships, money, etc. Working with Jen has helped me to become much more self-aware and excited that what I want in life is actually possible.

Kelly A.

I’ve personally worked with Jen Poulson for 6 years and referred many of our leaders to her as well. I see so much value from her sessions that I’ll often gift them to others who are ready for a breakthrough but feel stuck. Once a leader had a session on a Saturday and by Tuesday sold over $3000 in product because of the mindset shifts created. Not only did they hit their sales goals that month but they continued on an upward swing because they were no longer limited on what they could do. I highly recommend Jen Poulson for private and group work.

Susan D.

Working with Jen has changed my way of thinking and has helped me grow so much in a positive way as a person. I did not realize how many layers of generational negative thoughts I had. As layers have come off, I look at life in a much more positive way and little things that in the past would have set me on fire no longer bother me. I choose not to let them. I feel very happy and at peace inside. I look forward to my phone calls each week with Jen and I am still learning from her. Thank you Jen!!

Amy S.

I recommend you work with Jen if there is ANYTHING you've been trying to move around, work around or think your way out of and still not getting results. Work with Jen and you'll get results. Jen creates a safe and welcome space where you can just be yourself. I can't imagine where I would be today if I had not started working with her.

Connie B.

It is a joy to work with Jen!

I was feeling so bogged down in my negative beliefs that I knew I needed some serious help! I wanted to be careful whom I worked with and made a mental checklist of what I was looking for to facilitate my progress. Jen is kind, compassionate, wise, courageous, intuitive, smart and to the point. She is a safe place for me to examine hurts, truth, hopes, wants/needs and dreams with renewed perspective.

With Jen’s gift for really listening to what is both spoken and unspoken, she hears, with amazing clarity, what my heart is journeying through. She asks important questions and then, with her skill and training, I am immediately better equipped to see the next steps with blocks lifted.

Through Jen’s expertise, I have found several new pathways towards better energy, greater hope and a healing outlook on numerous possibilities. It feels fantastic to reignite the good I was created to be, do and feel! Heartfelt thanks, Jen!

Katie M.

I've never been more productive in a session than I have with Jen! She's so in tune with the work that she does and it's helped bring so much joy and peace to how I show up in my life. My business growth has also been amazing. I have the confidence to charge what I'm worth and be successful financially as well. Thank you so much for everything!

Sondra R, Year of Miracles

I have been very calm this week. It feels amazing. Something that would have really upset me didn't bother me. I choose peace. I choose love. I am safe letting go and letting God be in charge.

Laura, Year of Awakening

I am having an abundance of healing. I am having an abundance of releasing. I am recognizing my feelings. I am recognizing the emotions in my physical body. I am accepting gifts. I am accepting money.

JoAnn, Business Success Group Coaching

I’ve ranked up to GOLD AND reached my $1500 power of 3 bonus!!! WooHoo!!! Thank you for all of your beautiful coaching!!!


I have a story for you about writing my fears. There is a shift happening and I’m feeling really sensitive. It lead to a big overreaction with my husband and me circling back to explain to him why I overreacted and explaining about the work and writing I'm doing and how its making me feel really edgy. I don't know if he understood, but I risked saying my peace. What feels good is that old patterns would have included silence, distance and then moving on as if nothing ever happened. I know this is big for me. I was totally vulnerable and didn’t die or even get hurt. It's freeing in a way. Thanks for all your help Jen!

Dr. Mary O.

I have benefited so much from working with Jen Poulson. She quickly and easily helps identify limiting beliefs that I may be unaware of. As she works her magic, I can feel things shift in my physical and emotional body. This allows me to access even more of my own inner wisdom leading to insights and a-ha moments. I lead a happier and more successful life with richer and more fulfilling relationships as a result of my sessions with Jen. Thank you my dear- you are definitely one of my "people" and I'm bonded for life xxxx.


I am so grateful for the miracles group because it gives me a chance to connect every day. I love that I can make it work anytime during the day. I have to tell you something I thought might be more than I can share in the group. I'm not sure if I ever talked about struggling with eating disorders in my life. I've done lots of work to heal, but food issues are complicated because they are all entangled in our emotions. I have to recommit to not hurting my body periodically and this group has helped me do that. Some of my journaling has been about it. I actually wrote a note to my body last week promising to not hurt it again and was grateful that I have tools and people to help me. Last night I got triggered (not even sure why although in writing this I think its wrapped up in fear of success). I ate a whole bunch of cookies (they really are poison for me). My first thought was to punish my 5 year old self who doesn’t know any other way, but I chose not to. Instead I honored my body. I woke up this morning having this feeling of pride that I loved myself. Tears streaming down my face as I write this. A really big release.

Karry S.

The best gift I have given myself is working with Jen. Together we've identified old behaviors and have worked through some emotional blocks that have been holding me back from being present in my family and my business. She has given me tools to move quicker into action, which has helped me reach many goals in the last few months, including getting to the next level in my business after being stuck for 18 months. Working with Jen has helped me create the momentum I needed to sustain growth instead of having to recover from burn out over and over again which slowed everything down. My business income has increased 218% in the last 18 months. Building my business without sacrificing family relationships, mental, emotional and physical health, is the new way I do business. I'm having more fun, less stress and more success!

Angela C.

I think one thing that was eye opening for me was feeling like I finally get some of the principles of abundance in a real way. Realizing that (for real) it’s okay for me to be get the things I need. It’s okay to let blessings in, let abundance in without shame or judging myself unworthy because my receiving does not keep someone else from having what they need. My abundance doesn’t operate in such a way that others have to be without in order for me to have.

JoAnn G.

I needed Jen Poulson and I didn’t even know it! I truly believe that working with Jen was the catalyst for clearing the way to a happier healthier me! We all have junk cluttering our minds right? By learning to face, process and clear that junk, Jen helped me shift my energy into a place of light and healing! This carried over in to my business, and the results have been amazing! I now have tools such as breathing and journaling, to help me process my mental/emotional challenges. It’s time to let go of those things that are holding you back.. Make the investment in yourself and partner with Jen!

Jen L.

My work with Jen has been transformative. Our sessions together have freed me to release habitual negative patterns of belief and welcome the goodness that has been waiting for me all along! My business has grown by leaps and bounds. Technically, it has grown 900% since I’ve started working with her 2 years ago!!! I have no doubt that working with Jen has contributed significantly to my success.

Brooke W.

I look forward to working with Jen every week! Working with her is a game changer. I move through blocks and difficult situations faster and my focus has become more crisp. I can see transformations at home and in my business. The more I commit to my own growth, the more benefits I see in the world around me.

Meredith B.

I have loved working with Jen! My husband could tell my attitude and general outlook on life was lighter after my initial coaching call with Jen. After a coaching call specific to money with Jen I felt physically lighter and decided to weigh myself...and yep, I was 3lbs lighter than before! I love my tune-up calls with Jen to bust through limiting beliefs I've been holding on to and tap into beliefs I know to be true that I've buried deep down. During my 2nd month of working with Jen I went from being on a couple month stretch of low to no personal enrollments to having 4 enrollments, team volume up over 25% than they had been the previous month & maintaining my Gold rank easily. In my 3rd month of coaching with Jen and focusing on the mantra of "Let it be easy," our team volume reached our highest volume month ever! I also have an abundance of contacts reaching out to me daily that I am able to give generously to with my time, samples and energy because I am pouring into them from a full cup instead of the bleak outlook I had started with initially during my coaching sessions. Finally, and probably the most impactful part of my sessions with Jen has been removing blocks from our adoption journey & start generational healing for all involved already. Jen has helped me with valuable resources and energy work done on our future son/daughter as we know they are waiting for us in China & I look forward to working with her on energy work around trauma once we have our little guy/girl home soon. When I initially started coaching with Jen I wasn't sure that I should spend the money on me when I know we have big expenses to bringing home our little one...but I am OVERJOYED that I did and grateful for light workers like her in this world.

Jen I.

I have worked with Jen for over a year, in my time with her I feel that her coaching has directly impacted not only my business, but my marriage and my relationship with my children. Through individual coaching and group sessions, Jen has provided me with coaching and tools that have allowed me to step into my whole self, in a way that my whole family can barely believe. We are a completely different unit now, and I have grown and reached 3 solid ranks in that time! I often tell others that I feel like reaching Diamond with DōTERRA would have taken me much longer without Jen, if it ever happened at all. My belief was just non-existent before.

Tiffanie M.

Jen is not only a fabulously professional and effective energy coach, after working with her for some time, she has become a beautiful friend. She has a genuineness that emanates from her clearly in every session. She is insightful and wise, and I always feel a positive shift in my energy after a call with her. Since I have worked with Jen, in between sessions I have noticed incredible shifts in my ability to stop and think about what I am feeling or experiencing and how I can practically move forward, as well as utilize the emotional properties of my essential oils to help with the process. Since coaching with Jen my marriage has improved, my relationship with my children has improved, and my relationship with God has improved. Thank you Jen!!!!

Olga C.

While skeptical at first, I joined an energy coaching opportunity with my bigger team and followed my gut. I have doubled my volume in my business over two months’ time after starting with Jen Poulson Coaching and achieved a leadership rank on my target date. Jen has the eloquent ability to verbalize and call out on what’s bothering you and guide you to determine the cause underneath it all, without actually triggering you emotionally. She gently pushes you to rewire the thinking and retell your own story. That’s a very candid and revealing practice that eventually results in better self-awareness.

Christine H.

The first time I participated in a group call with Jen Poulson, I had no idea what energy coaching was. I was invited to listen to the call by my friend and business leader, Terri Pace, who had been working with Jen for a while and had spoken so highly of her. As I listened to the call, Jen told her story and her voice and her affirmations really spoke to me. Something stirred deep inside me and I became very emotional. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was clearing my own energy blocks without even realizing what was happening.

Several weeks later, I met Jen in person as Terri invited her to present at our team leadership retreat. She taught us what energy work was and it helped put it in perspective for me. I enjoyed spending time with Jen and connected to her heart and her beautiful smile. I continued to feel my energy clearing so I knew this was something that could work for me.

Since then, I have participated in 2 group sessions and 2 private sessions with Jen. In the beginning I felt a little like I was becoming unraveled. When I became aware of my victim energy and how deeply rooted some of my limiting beliefs were, it really scared me. I confided in Jen that I wasn’t feeling like I was making progress and she assured me that I was, and she was there for me whenever I reached out to her. She coached me through some rough patches and I eventually embraced my heightened awareness. I have made great strides in my ability to realize when I am in victim energy and it is holding me back. I also feel a heightened awareness of other people’s energy which I believe will help me in my relationships and in my business.

I feel that energy work is going to be a big part of my continuing journey. I am learning to address my negative head talk and shift out of my victim energy and it is so empowering! I love to watch Jen’s Facebook video posts because she brings her own personal stories of realization and healing to us. And I love to look at her beautiful face. She is so real, so inspiring and she makes me smile. Jen Poulson is truly gifted as an energy healer and I am blessed to have her in my life!

Terri P.

I’d love for you to connect with my amazing energy coach, Jen Poulson. I have been participating in group and private sessions with Jen for over a year now and have enjoyed new clarity, creating life with intention, and the ability to let go of so many false beliefs which previously limited my potential. It is amazing how this simple internal transformation has also created abundance for me in my relationships and in my business! I especially love that Jen’s guidance and coaching are all firmly couched in our shared faith in Jesus Christ as THE great healer who makes all things possible! This is a gift you give yourself…and by association, it is a gift to every person you touch…your spouse, your children, your friends, your business partners, team members, and prospects! Have fun exploring and creating the life of your dreams!

Zsuzsi T.

Two trusted friends and mentors practically had to twist my arm to try energy work. I was SUCH a skeptic. Now, after multiple sessions with Jen and her team I still don't know how the heck any of this works, but it does. After two months of an intensive group session with Jen, my sales volume more than doubled and I hit business goals in miraculous ways. I have become so much more self-aware, I trust in the process, believe in myself and now know much more clearly how to get the answers that I'm seeking in life. I also love that Jen incorporates essential oils into our sessions. She is more than an energy worker; she is a caring and thoughtful teacher of personal development.

Craig B.

I came by working with Jen Poulson by referral. I was struggling with balancing work, family and my own desires for transformation in my life. I have a stressful career in finance and a young family at home which is a recipe for stress. I wanted more satisfaction and joy in my day to day. I had no idea what energy work was or how it worked, but Jen talked me through it and after several sessions over about a six-month period convinced me of the validity and effectiveness of energy work. The struggle is still there and will always be, but so are the changes within from my time with Jen. I am conscious of my energy, how it affects my surroundings and my head-talk. I think my family and employees see a change. I very much value the sessions with Jen and I would recommend her services to anyone wanting transformative change in their life as well.

Kristin M.

After only using Jen's consulting for about a month I went from feeling like I'd never achieve my goal and casting blame to releasing, using positive affirmations and watching in joy as my team pulled together and as a result I hit a huge business goal! I look back in awe and thankfulness and all the things Jen has helped me to process and let go of, to figure out root causes, and to keep figuring out who God designed me to be. Love you Jen!

Beth A.

I genuinely cannot thank Jen enough for how much she has helped me after just one session - via Skype! I live in Ireland and my sister, who lives in California, referred me to her. I have just started a sabbatical from my teaching career and I just felt at a standstill in my personal and professional life. I knew I was facing the right direction, but I felt like I just couldn't start the process of actually moving forward. Jen was able to identify all my key concerns so quickly and work through them so that the benefits were pretty much instantaneous. I am an eternal optimist and generally upbeat person, but it can get hard when you feel like you are doing all the right things, but it is just not all coming together. After my session with Jen, I felt completely reinvigorated and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I cannot overstate how much Jen has allowed me to leave behind all that useless baggage we all carry around. You are one in a million Jen, keep up all your great work!

Katie S.

I had the pleasure of working with Jen recently. I have had a hard few years and knew the time was right for working through blocks and negative self-talk that was running amuck in my brain and heart! She was to the point, kind, and loving in her Simply Healed™ approach to helping me connect with my goal and let go of the past! IT WAS AMAZING! I left knowing my goal was going to happen. Even after I had contacted her the week prior to our meeting, I began to see the pieces falling into place and "stuff" happening getting me and my team closer to our goals! It was a beautiful thing and I am so thankful for Jen!!!!!

Steve M.

Sometimes life is really good and other times life can deal you a major blow. I took one of life's hardest hits straight on the chin a little over a year ago, and the event sent me reeling into feelings of bitterness, uncertainty, grief, rejection, humiliation, and anger. I sought help from many people with a wide variety of skills. My search led me to Jen. When facing those challenging times, God puts people in your life that can help you reach a place of healing and peace. Jen is one of those special people. I cannot thank Jen enough for sharing her special gift with me. Her kindness, gentleness, solid wisdom and sense of humor has helped lead me back to the person I was meant to be. After my first session I could feel a major shift and I found it much easier to focus in on the good things I have in my life. Each session has compounded this effect and the results are amazing! I now feel liberated, optimistic, peaceful, joyful, and excited for my life. No matter what challenges I may face in the future, I know that I have her in my corner to help. Thank you Jen! You're awesome!

Luke B.

Wanted to share this success. I've been working the Jen since mid-January. In one month, our team's production jumped 240%! In fact, we had so much increase in business, that we had to hire another assistant immediately just to handle the increasing inflow of customers. This was our best month ever. I even reached out to Jen during this time to help handle the sudden large amount of business and she helped myself and our team handle the flow smoothly. Also, we are on target to have an even better month this month. I attribute a big part of our success due to my sessions with Jen. I have much more inner calmness which helps me lead our team and see and communicate items in a more clear, precise, and positive way. Our team feels more connected internally and with our customers and the community. Each time I speak with Jen, the world seems to slow down and become much more clear. Thank you Jen!

Cheryl N.

I used to have an incredible weight of my insecurities, worries, and doubts. It overcame me and caused physical pain. I would look at my friends that were much older than me and envy their level of self-confidence. I desired it, but I was unaware how to get it. You have blessed me for eternity. You have helped me direct my fears and triggers and make them strengths. You have helped me see myself as God sees me. I no longer fear myself or my abilities. My “triggers” now excite me in a way. I am identifying them a lot easier and I understand them on such a deeper level. My soul has aged and you have helped me with that. There is an amazing weight lifted from my body and I’m beginning to soar. I’m scared at times, but I learn courage every day. Because of you, I am learning my spiritual purpose. You are in tune with Heavenly Father. It’s amazing. I will show my thanks by shining bright like a diamond.

Kimberly F.

I LOVE my sessions with Jen. I LOVE the shift and transformation in my life, my relationships, my attitudes, my thoughts, my business, my connection to God....I could go on and on. I know how to immediately get rid of the negative thoughts that once were a constant in my mind without even realizing it. Last week a negative thought came to mind that I wasn't worthy and couldn't reach my goals. That one minute was so VERY long, so VERY dark and had such a deep, sickening, desperate feel to it. But I knew it was nothing from God, nothing of truth and immediately spoke against it. I am THANKFUL for that dark moment. It was confirmation that my life has changed much more than I ever imagined possible since working with Jen. Positive energy is real and such a powerful tool to connect and vibrate at levels we never knew existed. Thank you Jen!

Christine H.

I see so much improvement with the work Jen has done with me & my husband. I can honestly say that our relationship has improved because of your help. The work you have done with us has made it possible for us to make some major changes that we have needed to make for many years. Our communication is better & we understand each other more than we ever have. We are healing and moving forward in our relationship. I feel better today than I have in all my life. I understand things about myself and my relationship with my husband because all the emotional junk that was weighing me down, is now gone! My daughter-in-law is doing really well with her baby. She has bonded and we both believe it is because of the work you did with her.


I was referred to Jen by a good friend who I had reached out to for help. I was suffering a tremendous amount of emotional pain from memories and past experiences that had left me emotionally wounded for over 12 years. On this occasion they had become more then I could bear and short of turning to alcohol for an anesthetic I found Jen. With her gentle and unique techniques of removing years of pain and negative energy, I began to feel light, whole and complete within days. In just two sessions I found I was no longer attached to the pain that once used to be my shadow and I was excelling in my sales job and so many other areas of my life. She has also helped my son who had also been struggling with anxiety from school and his relationship with his dad who he doesn't get to see too often. He is so happy, positive, enjoys school and tells me he loves me all the time! I'm so thankful to my friend for introducing me to Jen as she has helped transform my life and turned me into a more happier, healthier, more positive me!


I have had Jen do some work for all 4 of my kids and my hubby too. After she had done sessions for all of them, I personally felt different about some issues I was struggling with. I reacted completely different in certain situations than I normally would have. She explained to me that when she does work for a child or someone you are close to; it will impact them as well if that person is receptive and open. After she did work for my kids, I asked them about certain situations and how they were dealing with it and SHABAM life was indeed better for them! The work she is trained to do is real and can help you shed things you don't need to be carrying around. My husband is a mental health therapist and I believe his kind and Jen's kind of help go hand in hand.

Katie G.

In September I began working with Jen and doing her success program with sessions every two weeks and daily balances. I had some big goals for our business, but something was just feeling off! I was having a hard time setting boundaries with my time and energy and lacking motivation to complete the task I knew I needed to be completing. We also had some big adjustments going on at home, we had moved across the country to a new home and my husband “retired” from corporate America to join me in our business full time. So not just little adjustments, but BIG ones.

Instantly I felt more balanced and more centered from having sessions with Jen. Our adjustments didn’t seem so big anymore and we were making strides in our business. By December our sales volume had doubled and we had amazing growth in our business. And I felt more at peace than I had for awhile.

In March we were ready for another BIG Goal. One that was possible, but it would require a lot of work and clarity. I knew to achieve it I needed to have any and all doubts and fears out of my head. To make sure I was at the highest energy levels possible, I began having weekly sessions with Jen instead of every other week. What a difference it made! I think having more frequent sessions back to back made a huge impact and I was able to really clear everything more efficiently. I definitely recommend the weekly sessions if you are looking for a big breakthrough or have a big goal you are working towards.

Tara J.

I have been working with Jen for a couple of months now. She is such an amazing friend and energy coach. I have had a couple of ah ha moments with her that I would like to share. I am a coordinator for Exchange students and I was quite stressed about three students that were coming in a few weeks and I did not have homes for them yet. I was super stressed and couldn't sleep, I had done everything I knew to do to find homes and nothing was working out. I spoke with Jen and she gave me some great affirmations to work on: 1. I'm open to new ways of doing things. 2. It's easy for me to do my part and let go of the outcome. She taught me that I needed to be willing to let go of the fear of not finding families, so that I didn't block what was coming with my negative energy. I think a wonderful thing that she reminded me of too, is that I needed to trust in God and if I did my part, it would all work out. Simple truths I knew but needed to be reminded of. Well, within just a few short weeks I found homes for all three boys and in ways that I had not expected. Most importantly she taught me to do the actions that I know to do and then allow whatever help I need to just show up and that is exactly what happened. Thanks Jen, you are amazing!!

Melissa G.

I am feeling more centered and focused. I am experiencing answers to big questions and inspiration in a constant flow. I have been able to more quickly dispel negative energy from my own stinkin' thinkin' and from actions and words of others. I have felt more productive in my business.


I have been very pleased with the professionalism that Jen Poulson has shown me as her client. I feel like she is truly concerned about me, and my emotional and mental health. I appreciate the confidences she keeps, as she is working with fellow friends and family. I feel she has a gift of helping, loving, and caring for others and it shows in her work. I have been helped with emotional issues of stress, anxiety, fear, and frustration in dealing with owning our own business and being a wife and mother of four children. It has been real interesting to me the experiences I have had since working with Jen. Some I expected and some that were pleasant surprises. My energy levels have increased. I truly feel happier inside and out. I catch myself with a smile on my face and am genuinely happy for others around me. I have been able to keep up on the cleaning of my house (I even make my bed now). I have been more patient with my children when it comes to their chores and many activities. I used to be this person that I just described all the time, until the stresses of life seemed to overwhelm and overshadow me. I feel like the work Jen does has helped me on my way to being the person I used to be and being the person I want to be. I am Christian and I appreciate that Jen links what she does to God and our Savior, Jesus Christ. I feel she keeps things in balance with her work and it has carried through to me as her client. I first learned about Jen's work through social media and I am glad that I researched her website and decided to call her. She has changed my life forever and for the good.

Jamie B.

Oh my goodness, this is so amazing, I just have to share! I just finished a strategy session including four other people and myself. I was leading this session and was nervous about it yesterday so Jen connected me to my message, as well as the other people, and increased the vibrations in the room for us. I thought it was a fabulous night and we all just "clicked", but the really cool thing is that one of the people, who knows nothing of this energy work, turned to me and said "wow, what a great night and a great place. I really like this place, it has good energy or something!" Very cool. Thanks Jen!

Beth H.

I’ve been working with Jen since the beginning of the year. I will admit, I was a bit dubious about the impact that energy work would have on me. I can honestly say, the shifts that have happened for me personally and within my business are not coincidence. On several occasions, we have worked specifically in one area of being “stuck” and within a very short period of time, doors open, communication opened and new opportunities present themselves. Goosebump worthy results. I’m looking forward to continuing our work and am very excited to see where this work takes me and my business.

Janica LaRae -

Jen is one of my favorite people! I have been working with Jen for almost 6 years now. Choosing into working with her was a huge pivotal time in my life as I was starting to build a business and going through a divorce. Her sessions, whether one-on-one or with a group, have always created big movement in my life. Her voice alone puts you at ease and she has this calming way of guiding you and also helping you see the areas and parts of your life that have felt “off”.

She sees and feels the emotional, mental and generational blocks so quickly and she helps them release just as quick. I’m someone who wants to know exactly what’s going on so I can see it, honor it, and learn through it. Jen helps me do just that. She helps bring clarity by getting to the root of my feelings and helps me shift as quickly as I want! The past 6 years working with Jen, my life has been so much better. I have more confidence in my own gifts, running my own business, and choosing into my souls calling. I’ve been able to see life’s beauty day in and day out, even when I’m struggling emotionally or mentally. Love you Jen and I am forever grateful for your gifts and the work that you do!!


I have always believed that we hold within ourselves all that we need to be healed and I believe that is something that is God given. For me I've been looking for healing for many years of my short life so far. Being brought to Jen through mutual friends was a blessing and a life changer. I struggle on a daily basis with weight, depression, anxiety, being single and 31, loneliness, not knowing what to do with my life because it sure hasn't turned out even close to what I had 'dreamed' as a child. With the sessions with Jen so far I have learned that I have a lot of life to live and this SimplyHealed™ work...just works. I am learning to be open every single day to the many, many opportunities that are offered. Through this work it has given me hope when hope was gone and a smile when I had forgotten how. And sometimes when I don't think I'm open or up to has been proven that my energy has other ideas and I am able to move forward even when before it would have been next to impossible. Thank you Jen, for sharing this and changing my life so that I can change my life and change the lives of those I meet and generations past and future and for giving me the opportunity to help heal myself. This work is for everyone!!!


Jen Poulson and Simply Healed™ seem to go hand in hand. Jen is a caring, compassionate person who, by using the tools she has learned through Simply Healed™, is affecting change in the lives of the people around her. Jen genuinely cares about those she helps. She will often call to check on her clients after she has worked with them, making them feel like more than just business clients. Jen's calm demeanor and logical outlook on life also show in the way she handles herself during an appointment. She will ask for more information if needed to clear a specific problem, and does so in a very professional manner. By doing this, Jen helps her clients feel safe and secure, but is also able to do the best job she possibly can. I have had the opportunity to receive the benefits of Jen's talents several times for myself, my husband, and my children. I have seen calming results in a matter of minutes for our family. The work that Jen does works, and is such a blessing to her clients. I cannot imagine a better person to be doing this work.

Knut F.

Thank you, Jen, thank you so much for being a part of a huge transformation for me. A renewing of faith and heart with burden lifted. My heart was able to open and let go and I feel so much lighter in my chest. I feel wonderful!

Tara W.

I started working with Jen after hitting a huge wall - physically and emotionally - in my business. I was dealing with a lot of old patterns, fears, overwhelm, and straight up FUNK. I wanted to be showing up more fully and with more confidence, without these old thoughts and fears of what others would think. I wanted to be prioritizing my health more easily. I wanted more time freedom. But I kept finding myself neglecting my self-care, holding back my voice, and spending my time and energy in the wrong places.

I was also frustrated because I felt like I'd DONE this work before. I'd had the breakthroughs that allowed me to grow a 6 figure income, to find my voice and be my authentic self, to overcome the fears, and I was frustrated that I was here again. I also kept putting it off, waiting for the timing to align before I began working with her. THAT wasn't smart. Because of my work with Jen, and beginning it when it felt like the WORST time to begin it, she was able to walk me through some seriously challenging months, examining everything I knew about myself and all my old habits. She helped me remember that this work is done in layers and let go of the self-judgment that I "was here again". As I was walking through a major shift in my business, making major decisions on what I wanted to do and how, she helped me stay aligned with my intentions and my intuition by helping me to clear all the blocks and fears that had kept me in self-doubt. I was able to determine my best path and put the steps into action to create it.

During that same time my son was struggling with some really difficult things in his life and Jen was right there with us, helping us to clear the way. She helped my husband and me stay connected with him during some dark hours, and helped him find light. We saw huge shifts in his ability to cope, express his struggles, and ask for help directly after working with her.

She's done so much for us that we have our entire team working with her! Building a business, building a LIFE, becomes so much smoother and easier with her help to clear the path forward.