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Bring your inner self back to balance
with Year of Miracles

Awakening is when a woman remembers her true worth. When she feels connected to her body, heart, and soul. When she trusts her intuition and knows it’s leading her on her divine path.

An awakened woman ...

Knows when to say yes and when to say no.
Shines her light naturally.
Stands in her power and consciously designs her life.
Navigates life’s ups and downs with compassion for herself and others.
Is dedicated to her inner journey.

You can notice an awakened woman from across the room. Her energy is felt. Her radiance is contagious. And she invites you to see your own beauty and strength.

  • What’s blocking you from your miracles?
  • That pesky inner critic that keeps telling you that you are not enough in the most important moments.
  • A sense of waiting for the other shoe to drop, and feeling paralyzed by fear even when things seem to be going well.
  • Spiraling thoughts that keep you up in the middle of the night, worrying about money, worrying about kids, worrying about the future, worrying about something you said…never ending worry.
  • Doubting if you actually have what it takes even though everyone around you knows you’re more than capable.
  • That you’ve forgotten how to play, laugh and have fun.
  • The nagging energy of knowing that something is off that you can’t quite put a finger on it.
  • The unresolved anger, hurt, and resentment that’s still swirling inside even though it’s been years.
  • The beliefs hidden under the surface that taint what you believe is possible.

Your Miracles are waiting for you.

But it’s more than just believing. You consistently have to make room for them. You have to learn to recognize them. You have to learn to receive them. You have to practice being in the energy of miracles. A Year of Miracles invites you on the journey of living a life full of miracles.

Now more than ever as heart centered women, we need to consistently tune into our hearts, heal the deepest parts of ourselves and make space for our divine essence and truth to shine through.

We need to get to the roots of what’s really creating the stress and overwhelm.We need to heal the thoughts and beliefs that are draining our energy and find a new empowering story for your future.

We need to devote time each day to practice new tools to help us find our inner peace when triggers arise.

We need to develop new perspectives in understanding our patterns and what’s keeping us stuck.

We need to be open to the healing process of truly letting go of everything and move forward towards what your heart calls you to.

We need to prioritize our inner work so that we release the weight of our struggles and find space for more play, laughter and creativity.

As women, we heal through answering the call of our heart. We are nurtured through receiving and letting ourselves feel supported.

Our true self is revealed when we consistently meet our journey with curiosity and compassion. And our purpose comes alive when we listen to our soul’s voice.

This is how we enter into a life of everyday miracles.

Introducing, A Year of Miracles

This is a self-paced program that offers daily support.

I have carefully chosen 12 topics that intuitively and energetically assist you in discovering and releasing the deep subconscious roots that are causing havoc in your life.

You’ll be guided step by step through my unique healing process to address your core wounds.

On this journey you will release hidden sabotage, generational programming, trauma, and false beliefs.

Through the use of powerful daily audio recordings, journal prompts, simple mindset practices, and affirmations you will be gently guided back to your true self.

This is the process of becoming an awakened woman.

In just 15-20 minutes a day, you’ll have an emotional and energetic reset that connects you to the energy of miracles.

You’ll start each day aligning your body, mind, heart and soul to the deepest and truest parts of who you are.

Delivered inside the Soundwise app, all the content is available at your fingertips and you can listen anytime you feel out of sync or simply need a boost.

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Here’s what the journey includes:

Year of Miracles is a self-paced program where you will be guided through the 12 top topics that block the energy of miracles.

Each topic includes daily audio recordings, journal prompts, simple mindset practices, and affirmations for you to experience.Inside the app, you’ll receive an incredible library of guided transformational experiences that you can revisit over and over again.

Explore Each Topic

Month 1: Welcome to the first month of the Year of Miracles program!
We're starting off strong with a favorite topic: Abundance! Each day you'll actually release those hidden sabotaging belief blocks so you can create a divine flow abundance in all areas of your life! Yay!

Month 2: The focus for month 2 is on Relationships.
What relationships do you struggle with? For example: with yourself, family, your body, with money, your business/career, friends, etc. Think about and journal your intentions of what transformation you'd like to experience in any relationships you would like to strengthen. Our relationships can give us energy or drain our energy. These sessions will help you experience more life-giving relationships.

Month 3:This month is all about increasing your Fun and Creativity.
We will be clearing blocks on what is keeping you stuck in a rut and holding you back from being creative & having lots of fun. One of my favorite affirmations is: The Universe works fast when you're having fun! Let's have some fun!

Month 4:This month is all about Sales & Productivity.
This is perfect for you if you have a business, want to have a business but worry about being too "salesy" or if you have a list of projects you can't seem to get started on! Get all of your hidden sabotage that's really holding you back from success and productivity.

Month 5: This month we are clearing blocks around Believing in Yourself.
When you work on you, and begin to believe in yourself on a deeper level...EVERYTHING starts to get better!

Month 6: This month is all about clearing hidden belief blocks around the inspired topic: Healing the Family.
Our families can bring the greatest joys as well as the deepest sorrows. We will overcome generational patterns and programming that have been passed down keeping your family in lack, codependent relationships, conflict, emotional detachment, fear, shame, money problems, pessimism, addiction, abuse patterns, or even "bad luck". Not only will you benefit from these sessions but your siblings, parents, grandparents, children and more will be blessed by you experiencing this inner healing work. Healing your family starts today...with YOU!

Month 7: This month we are focusing on Personal Freedom.
You'll clear the subconscious programming freeing you from emotional and mental pain & false beliefs that are holding you hostage so you can really show up the way you were divinely created to be.

Month 8: Expect the Best!Your mind is powerful!
What you think about, what you believe, what you say to yourself is all playing a part in what's happening in your life every single day. This month we are getting to the roots and releasing those false beliefs and lies that have been stuck & hiding in your subconscious belief system sabotaging your thoughts, words and beliefs from knowing you can Expect the Best things to come to you in all areas of your life. This is going to be BIG!

Month 9: Get Rid of 21 Common Fears getting in the way of your peace and happiness!
You don't have time to let fear slow you down!!What is fear doing to you & to your business? What if you could transform your fear & use it as a compass or a stepping stone? You are not your fear!

Month 10: What you’ll learn from the topic Judgement Detox this month:
1-How to be more aware of judgement 2-Why you judge 3-What to do when you’re judging 4-Clear the blocks that keep you in judgement and feel SO much better!

Month 11:Heal Your Heart.
Our hearts take a lot of hits. Your brain and body have an amazing ability to store past trauma and pain. Your subconscious kicks in when it perceives you are in danger of being rejected, embarrassed or shamed by reacting in fight, flight, freeze or fawn behaviors. It does this trying to protect you. That childhood pain your brain is reacting to can distort your experiences now, and create emotional separation and more pain. This month we’re going to focus on releasing the pain so you can heal your beautiful heart and make room for the love you deserve.

Month 12: I am connected to the present moment.
I love myself enough to keep going. I am worthy and deserving. I know how to keep going. I am connected to all parts of my life. This month we will be connecting you to even deeper Abundance so these affirmations become evident in your life!

Real lasting change must begin at the deepest level of your heart and soul. It must also address the subconscious programming that sabotages your thoughts, actions and confidence.

No matter what area of life you’re struggling in, these powerful deep releasing audios will get tothe roots of what’s causing your struggle and give you the opportunity to fully release it.

It’s time to stop ignoring what’s under the surface of your pain, overwhelm and frustration.

Are you ready to answer the call of your Awakened Woman?


Stepping into a room and feeling like you belong.
Letting yourself actually relax when you’re on vacation.
Feeling confident in your own skin.
Setting boundaries without guilt and shame.
Imagine speaking up confidently when your opinion is different than someone else's.
Prioritizing your self care before you reach burnout.
Giving yourself permission to be playful and fun.
Having energy for all the extras you want to do in your life.
Experiencing a deep sense of self love and self worth in all of your cells.
Receiving everyday miracles that remind you that you are Divinely supported.
Feeling naturally magnetic in your energy and easily drawing new opportunities to you.
Being able to have compassion when your teenager rolls her eyes at you.
Giving a presentation and the audience hangs on your every word.
Opening up your bank account and you're instantly filled with overwhelming gratitude.
Having the mental and emotional energy to reach your next big goal.

Join Year of Miracles

Get instant access for one year to work through at your own pace


Meet Your Guide

Jen Poulson

Hi, I’m Jen Poulson.

I am a SOUL CONNECTION COACH and I specialize in helping people who know they’re called to bring meaning to the world learn how to heal their root causes of resistance so they can be deeply connected to their Soul Calling.

For over 10 years, I have helped people transform their lives and businesses so that they can operate from deeper clarity, inner wisdom, and aligned purpose to become powerful and passionate leaders in their sphere of influence.

I personally know what it’s like to wrestle with the inner critic who pops up and often sabotages our best efforts. Whether that is in the form of imposter syndrome, procrastination, debilitating fears, time scarcity, or simply feeling like we aren’t enough - those voices can hijack our best efforts. But that is not the end of the story.

I know what is possible when we slow down and rewrite the unconscious narratives and old programming. I help bring a light to those inner dialogues so that they have the space to be liberated, transformed and ultimately become a more empowering set of beliefs.

This is why I created Year of Miracles. To guide others on their deep inner work journey and experience miracle after miracle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Join Year of Miracles

Get instant access for a year to work through at your own pace