Wellness Advocates,
don't let your enthusiasm and vision fizzle out!

If you are one of the MANY thousands of people who participated in doTERRA's Online Convention last week, I bet you are feeling REALLY amazing!

You are probably wondering how  to keep that feeling of momentum going. I would like to invite you to join for me for a free power session to help set your mindset up for success.

Isn't it great to feel renewed and inspired? If you're like most people, during the presentations you probably had all kinds of great ideas and inspiration on how you're going to take massive action to help even more people all while helping your team and yourself, reach enrollment, rank and financial goals!You have the power and the tools to make a meaningful impact on people's health and wealth!

Here's what typically happens once convention is over and you are reading back through your notes, your goals and action step commitments you've made to yourself:

Your subconscious brain starts to freak out!  

How can you know if your subconscious brain is freaking out?

And if it is freaking out, HOW can you calm it so it doesn't sabotage your motivation to take action with confidence and fun?

Join me for a FREE Zoom Webinar where you'll learn:

4 Common signs your subconscious is freaking out

WHY the freak out happens

What you can do about it so you don't get blindsided by sabotage and get stuck on the hamster wheel going nowhere fast!


Sounds good? We thought so.

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Webinar Dates: 

Thursday, September 17 at 6 pm central
Friday, September 18 at 10 am central

**Each webinar is 20 minutes plus Q & A


Don't let your enthusiasm and vision fizzle out!

Join me so you can learn how to end 2020 strong, with confidence, creativity, momentum and OH SO abundantly!